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Intelligence for sustainable trade

Trase provides data and insight that empowers business, government and civil society to eliminate deforestation and transition towards more sustainable and equitable agricultural supply chains.

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Open data

Our data is open access and can be integrated into third-party tools and products.

Independent analysis

We generate actionable intelligence on supply chain sustainability and assess business and policy solutions.

Advisory services

We provide expert advice to support government and multi-stakeholder supply chain sustainability initiatives.

Data integration

Our data can be embedded into third-party business management tools and financial service products.

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Including supply chains and geospatial data


Trase analyses supply chain and geospatial data to map the trade of agricultural commodities and link import markets and commodity traders with deforestation, carbon emissions and other sustainability impacts.

Illustration for Methodology

1Data integration

We compile and integrate diverse datasets on commodity production, storage, processing and trade, as well as data on deforestation and other environmental impacts.

2Mapping supply chains

We link agricultural commodity trade data to sourcing regions, both nationally and subnationally, with a focus on providing comprehensive

3Assessing impact exposure

We combine Trase´s commodity sourcing data with geospatial data to quantify the exposure of individual traders and consumer markets to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts from commodity production.

4Actionable intelligence

We analyse data on company and import market exposure to deforestation and other impacts to identify priorities for action by businesses, governments and civil society to accelerate implementation of sustainability goals.

Data access

Open access to our data, methods and sources.

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