Mission and values


To increase understanding and transparency around commodity supply chains and their links to deforestation and other impacts, in order to support and promote a global transition to a more sustainable and equitable system of commodity production and consumption.


The Trase team is motivated by an urgent need to bring transparency to commodity supply chains and their role in driving deforestation and other impacts.

Our role is to provide information and intelligence to strengthen accountability, drive up ambition and enable leadership by governments and businesses working towards more sustainable and equitable models of production, trade and consumption.

We believe data and transparency are key to accelerating progress towards more sustainable and just trade and development. We do not see a lack of data as an excuse for inaction.

Through all of our work Trase is focused on being:

  • Innovative: We take a highly interdisciplinary and data-driven approach to creatively solve difficult problems.
  • Grounded: We partner with other organisations in producer and consumer countries, working together to increase the relevance and impact of our work.
  • Rigorous: We are science-based, and focus on producing high quality data, research and analysis.
  • Catalytic: We build on the work of others, and proactively provide open data, transparent methods and seek partnerships to increase impact.
  • Independent: We are driven by what the data show us to assess options, inform choices and measure progress.
  • Disruptive: We deliver radical transparency to transform agricultural commodity production and trade for the better.

Contact us

For further information contact info@trase.earth.

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