Our website trase.earth has a new look

Welcome to trase.earth - now with a fresh new look. Understanding commodity supply chains and accessing data-driven insights is now easier than ever before.

22 Jan 2024

What’s new?

  • Explore Trase data by commodity, by country, or by a combination of the two - with highlights and expert analysis close to hand to guide you on your journey.
  • Display Trase data in a variety of ways to provoke new insights. Whether you’re interested in trade flows, in rankings, in changes over time or in maps, switching between different views is straightforward.
  • Spatial data is at the heart of Trase, and it is now easier than ever to access and display through the platform.
  • Trase is committed to transparency. Beyond engaging with our tools and analysis, you can download complete Trase datasets, easily found at our Open Data page.
  • Practical examples highlight how Trase enables and motivates companies, financial institutions and governments to tackle deforestation.
the new explore the data panel

an image of the new data highlights section

We value your feedback. Let us know your thoughts by emailing info@trase.earth.

For a more detailed overview of the new website and the chance to ask questions, join our Introduction to Trase webinar on 6 February 2024, 4pm GMT.

Image credit: Negro river, Amazonas State / Rogerio Assis

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