Trase Yearbook 2020

The Trase Yearbook presents new data and insights on the sustainability of global agricultural commodity supply chains linked to tropical deforestation. It is intended to help companies and governments to manage risk and target investments in sustainable production, while also supporting the wider sustainability community in assessing progress towards commitments and goals on reducing deforestation.

20 Jul 2020

Trase data link agricultural commodity production to deforestation and other social and environmental impacts – and in turn to specific trading companies and consumer markets.

The Trase Yearbook 2020 provides a summary of Trase data and findings for a number of key export commodities: soy from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay; palm oil from Indonesia; beef from Brazil and Paraguay; and chicken from Brazil. It highlights key trends and insights that help answer important questions about the sustainability of global commodity trade

Read the Trase Yearbook 2020 executive summary

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