Introducing the Deforestation Risk Toolset

Trase is proud to be part of the Deforestation Risk Toolset, alongside Global Forest Watch Pro and the Accountability Framework, which enables organisations to act confidently to meet market and stakeholder expectations.

27 Oct 2021

Leah Samberg

To eradicate deforestation and ecosystem conversion from supply chains, companies and financial institutions need a clear blueprint and effective tools for action.

The Accountability Framework provides the blueprint – its principles lay out the essential steps and criteria for setting, implementing, and reporting on deforestation- and conversion-free supply chain goals.

For companies managing complex commodity supply chains, implementing the Framework requires the right tools and accurate data to map and monitor the origins of agricultural and forest products, assess and manage risks, and track and report change.

A range of tools and platforms are now available to monitor and report on deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and other land use changes. These tools offer different capabilities and scopes. The most suitable tools for any given company or supply chain will depend on factors such as the commodity, sourcing origins, position in the supply chain, and the company’s capacity. Monitoring tools are also evolving rapidly, supported by technological advancements.

The Deforestation Risk Toolset

The Deforestation Risk Toolset highlights two publicly available resources – Global Forest Watch Pro (GFW Pro) and Trase – that enable any organization to take action to better understand and manage their commodity supply chains.

The Toolset can help buyers understand which of their suppliers are sourcing from high–risk areas or actively involved in deforestation. This enables companies to make informed purchasing decisions and engage with producers to reduce negative impacts in their supply chains.

Companies want to be recognized for the progress they make. Information gathered from Trase and GFW Pro can provide a trusted source of evidence for public reporting, B2B data sharing systems, and investor risk assessments.

On 21 October 2021, the Deforestation Risk Toolset participants – Trase, GFW Pro, and the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) – presented a practical introductory webinar on how to use the Toolset to make measurable progress towards achieving deforestation and conversion-free supply chains and how to report that progress to stakeholders. Mars also joined us to share industry perspectives in a panel discussion, moderated by Innovation Forum.

Watch the webinar

This article was originally published on the Accountability Framework initiative website.

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